How To Shred Leaves With Lawn Mower?

How To Shred Leaves With Lawn Mower?

If your yard is covered with fallen leaves and you have no idea about how to get rid of these, a lawn mower can come to your help. Besides keeping the grass of your garden in check, a lawn mower is also a great tool that can shred leaves of your yard.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about how to shred leaves with lawn mower.

Why Should You Use A Lawn mower To Shred Leaves?

Before going to know the process of shredding leaves, let’s first know how shredding leaves with a lawn mower is a better option to choose.

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Firstly, you might already have a lawn mower of your own to cut the grass of your yard. So, to shred leaves, you do not need to cost anything extra.

Secondly, if you use a lawn mower to shred leaves, it will save you hours that you can invest in somewhere else. Picking up leaves without shredding them is a toilsome work. A lawn mower will quickly shred leaves and save your hard work and time.

And finally, A lawn mower has multiple functions to help you manage the shredded leaves to get them ultimately dumped either in the soil or in the garbage area.

So, as you know why using a lawn mower to shred leaves is a feasible idea, let’s move to show you how to shred leaves with lawn mower.

How To Shred Leaves With Lawn Mower?

Well, there are several ways to shred leaves from your yard using a lawn mower. A lawn mower usually comes with sharp stainless blades to cut the grass. But, they can also work with leaves. Here is the simplest way to shred leaves with lawn mower.

Step 1:
Set your lawn mower to the highest settings. If you do not do so, your lawn mower might pick up the grass which is not what you want.

Step 2:
Push your lawn mower over the leaves gently and slowly. If your speed is high, you may end up skipping leaves untouched.

Step 3:
You may use either use mulching to let the shred leaves stay where they were or you can pick them up with the attached lawn mower bag.

Step 4:
If you are planning to mulch, insert the mulch plug in your lawn mower. However, you have to attach the lawn mower bag in case you just want to bag and then dump the leaves to somewhere else.

Things To Do After Shredding Leaves

Well, after shredding the leaves, you are at liberty to choose what you will do with those leaves.
If you have got a small portion of leaves, mulching is the most effective way to follow. This will help you to get rid of the extra work of carrying them outside the yard.

However, bagging the leaves after shredding the leaves is also a good practice. If you have a heavy load of leaves, you have to collect them with your mower bag, transfer into the leaf bags and then move out of the yard to the dumping area.

Final Words

If you want to keep your yard clean and clear, you have no alternative left without shredding leaves and then either mulch or get them out of the ground. In this post, we tried to show you how to shred leaves with lawn mower along with the post-shredding options that follow.

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