How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower?

How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower?

Is there anyone who does not like the vibrant nature of the fall? ‘Yes, it’s me’- we hope that this is not gonna be the kind of response from your end. With no hot air but a bunch of holidays around the corner, fall comes with great joy which can be felt even when we look at the football galleries.

But, the one and the only downside that we notice about the fall is the “fallen leaves” that create massive heaps in our yard. It will take hours after hours if you want to pick up the leaves from the yard manually with your hands. We have studied different ways that can be employed to pick up the fallen leaves, but we found using the lawnmower the easiest of all.

So, in this article, we are going to share with you how to pick up leaves with lawn mower.

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Well, we are going to share 2 methods that you can try to pick up the leaves of your yard with a lawnmower.

Here you go:

Method #1: Mulching with the Lawn Mower

If you think that the best way to pick up the leaves is by picking them up manually, you have to work harder and strive to pick them all. It is not easy to get loads of leaves picked and then push them away in the garbage.

Mulching the leaves with your lawnmower is the best idea in this case. Insert the mulch plug and let the lawnmower do the rest.

Mulching is good for the soil as it works as a natural fertilizer. Since it does not take more time, you can easily manage to cover a huge area within a few hours. However, mulching should be done only when your yard has got a light amount of leaves.

If your whole yard is completely covered with leaves, mulching, in this case, is not a good idea. It is because a thick and messy layer of chopped up leaves may make your yard look dirty as they will clump together. If this happens, you will find it very difficult to pick those leaves up manually later on.

Method #2: Mowing and Bagging

Though the initial process of mowing and bagging is the same as the mulching process, the end is not similar. Like mulching, mowing and bagging process starts with the chopping of the leaves into small pieces.

But, you do not mulch them back into the yard, rather get them stuffed into the bag that you attach instead of inserting the mulch plug in the lawnmower. Later on, you have to put those leaves inside leaf bags to dump.

However, note that you have to set the highest setting in your lawnmower when you are using the mowing and bagging method. Otherwise, you may end up picking up the grass. However, after collecting the chopped leaves following this way, you have to dump them inside a wooded area or compost pile.

Final Words:

Though there are several ways to pick up the leaves, using a lawnmower to pick up the leaves is the best way. We hope that you now know how to pick up leaves with lawn mower.

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