How To Organize A Messy Garage? [Cut The Time In Half]

How To Organize A Messy Garage? [Cut The Time In Half]

The challenge of organizing your garage can seem daunting at first. But when you are faced with some unique obstacles, you have to think outside the box.

There are many things you need to take into account when you are about to organize your garage. So, how to organize a messy garage? If you take a step by step approach mentioned in this article, then the whole process will be completed systematically in half the time.

So, let’s get started!

how to organize a messy garage

Organize Your Garage Clutter

The first step that you need to perform is to organize the garage clutter so that you redistribute the items later on. Clean the premises of the garage with a broom and use a vacuum to suck out all the dirt from the room.

Once you are done with the cleaning, start the decluttering process and toss away any unwanted objects that you may come across. This will help speed up the decision-making process as you will have less stuff to deal with later on.

You may find certain items that you can donate or keep during the decluttering process. Once you are done tossing your unwanted items to the trash, take out all the other items outside the garage and see if you have any duplicate items.

Choose a corner of your garage and then swiftly sift through the items, one wall at a time. It is important that you do this part slowly as the decluttering process can be a bit taxing, and adequate breaks throughout the procedure will help you with gaining more efficiency.

Organize The Items In Your Garage In Different Zones

The key to organizing a messy garage is to divide your garage into different zones that will help in the organization and decision-making process later on. We tend to store many different types of items in our garage, and so once we start decluttering it can often get confusing and overwhelming if we don’t divide the items into different zones.

For example, you have car supplies jumbled up with tools and sports equipment. So, organize these items across three different zones where you keep the car supplies in one corner and the tools in another corner and then you can keep the sports equipment in the middle.

This, in turn, will help you to visualize your empty garage and make the decision-making process more streamlined and convenient. The concept of zones will help you to speed up the organization process.
When you have completed sorting all the items into separate zones, you should then observe as to how much space each zone is taking up. This will help you to plan in the next stages.

Plan Your Garage Storage

Now you are ready to assess the total storage space of your empty garage. You can employ some basic tricks to increase the storage room of your garage. By utilizing the vertical area of your garage, you can easily increase the storage space.

Make sure that you store all the hazardous chemicals and other risky items inside a locked cabinet. This can prove to be useful if kids are living in your house, and will boost the overall safety of your garage

Although a garage may be designed to house your car, it can be used to store a wide range of items from your power tools to your gym equipment. Once you are done cleaning, decluttering and then organizing your messy items into neatly tucked zones, you are now ready to put the items back into the garage in a planned, organized and functional way.

Using Containers To Store Items

You can buy some cardboard containers or cabinets to store similar items in a small space. This will help to free up more space in your garage that you can then fill up with other useful tools or items.

Investing in containers and eliminating packages will help you to organize the items in your garage in a vastly more efficient manner. Packages like plastic bags and wrapping paper take up too much space and so eliminating them can free up much needed space in your garage.

Add Wire Shelves And Plastic Bins In Your Garage

Once you have planned to utilize the vertical space in your garage, you can then start installing wire shelves, cabinets and plastic bins across the different corners of your garage which will be able to use the vertical space.

These things can vastly increase the storage area of your garage, and a must-have if you have plenty of small tools and other sporting equipment. These shelves and plastic bins will also enable you to organize in an efficient manner and is an ingenious way to maximize the storage room of your garage.

Maintaining The Garage Organization

Once you have done all the hard work, it is time to put everything in place and reap the benefits of your labor. You will then experience a great amount of satisfaction at your achievement but don’t let that make you lose sight of the important thing: maintaining your garage.

As garages are a high traffic area, so you may need to organize the items frequently. If you let the items get cluttered, then you have to do everything from scratch, and we recommend you maintain your garage at least once a month so that you don’t have to witness a messy garage ever again.

The more cabinets and shelves you have, the easier it will be to store the different items in your garage. This will also speed up the maintenance procedure, and so you should install these things as much as possible while not ruining the aesthetic vibe of your garage.


How to organize a messy garage? This article has answered that question with a step by step procedure that will help you to achieve your goal in a quick and efficient way.

This daunting task can be compartmentalized and completed in an organized way once you plan accordingly. The hard part is to maintain your organized garage and keep it from getting dirty or messy again.

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